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"I had a heavy headache often due to my high blood press and high cholesterol. I have been taking this since in March this year and now I'm free from my headache and blood pressure is normal as well. I will check my cholestreol and give a feedback again."

E.P. *Results may vary from person to person.

"I rescued two dogs who were in pretty bad condition as far as their overall health and skin. A pit-mix with staph, chewing lice, and worms and a shepherd mix with severe mange. The received appropriate vet care, of course, but I also started them on these fish oil pills. Neither have any issues taking the pills. I just drop the pill right in their dry dog food. They eat it as with their food. The shepherd loves it. He goes for the pill first thing! The pit mix just had her one year check up since I got her and the vet commented on how healthy her skin and coat looked. I've had the shepherd mix for about three months. His fur has grown in beautifully and is so soft. I'm continuing them on these for the skin improvements I've seen with the fish oil and also for the immune support. I've not tried similar products from other companies, but I see no need to. I'm very satisfied with this one."

S.A. *Results may vary from person to person.

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